Lithium Polymer Battery Industrialization Status

2023-12-14 22:54

Because lithium polymer batteries ensure the safety and cycle performance of lithium secondary batteries, and have the advantages of high specific energy, wide operating temperature range, stable operating voltage, and long storage life, they are known as "the most promising chemical power supply". ". Apple's entire series of products use lithium polymer batteries, and the large polymer batteries for iPad are mainly provided by ATL, Lishen, SDI, Sony and LGC. In addition, Japanese car companies such as Toyota and Nissan are also vigorously developing polymer lithium batteries to match new energy vehicles such as Prius and LEAF. This type of new high-energy battery will also be used in future new products of Mac-Book and MacBookPro. Although the cost of lithium polymer batteries is much higher than that of lithium ion batteries, which are only used in high-end mobile phones and notebook computers, in fact, lithium polymer batteries for vehicles have also begun to develop.

According to the advantages of lithium polymer batteries: many manufacturers have launched commercial lithium polymer rechargeable batteries. These include Hitachi, Maxell, Yuasa, Toshiba of Japan, Ultralife of the United States, Moltech and Electrofuel of Canada, etc., and the focus is on its ultra-thin characteristics. In general, the thickness of the lithium polymer battery is 2 to 4 mm, and the lithium ion battery with the smallest thickness can be reduced by at least about half, so it also provides manufacturers with a considerable space for free design.